The Hunter Legacy, a great big huge space opera

Author Timothy Ellis really enjoyed his time in the 1980's, and his Hunter series certainly pays homage. This, riddled with 80's references, space opera feels like it shouldn't work, but I've had a hard time putting down my kindle.

Backwater bumpkin, 16-year-old Jonathon Hunter, leaves his isolated world of Outback, in the Australian sector of space, and is instantly thrust into the spotlight! Hunter barely saves himself, and mistakenly saves a bunch of other folks, during a pirate attack on his Uncle's space ship. Thus starts a Keystone Cops like avalanche of unbelievable space adventure. Hunter can't make a mistake, women nearly twice his age fawn all over him, and he gets a cat.

I had a lot of time on my hands this weekend, while my daughter played with her grandparents, and I read 6 of this 9 book series. Ellis wrote manuals for the X video game series, and I think relies on this game, which I've never played, for some of his physics and backstory. He also evidently writes some spiritual guide books as well. Both are minutely present in these novels, but don't get in the way. However, the portrayal of women as mostly the same character, with different names and physical descriptions, does get a bit boring after a while, even the AI is just another mid 20s woman who wants to dance to electronica.

Mostly, these books are fun space pirate, and then space religious zealot, smashing action scenes. Relying on his video game background, Ellis writes some great space combat. Ellis also, always, makes sure Hunter is in the best, fastest ship, with the newest technology. No one can stand in his way, and the baddies fall like dominoes. Hunter is one infallible, insufferable 16 year old.

In addition to the 9 novels in the main series, there are a few additional ones focusing on characters other than Hunter, the ships AI Jane is one. I tried but didn't find the first interesting, regardless it being a detective novel.

I've read them all via Kindle Unlimited.

The Hunter Legacy (9 Book Series) Kindle Edition via Amazon