Hilary Clinton campaign ad: mashup of Republicans bashing Trump

With the release of a pair of anti-Trump ads, the Clinton campaign has begun to fight a war on two fronts.

The first video is aimed at disgusted Republicans, and features the GOP's leadership condemning Trump for his politics, his ignorance, his vulgarity and his overall affect.

A second video, released shortly thereafter, is targeted at shy Democrats who might be pondering staying home at the polls (and, possibly, Sanders supporters whom the campaign wants to switch sides, and is hoping to convince that the urgency of defeating Trump means that Sanders supporters should support Clinton as nominee even if they dislike her policies). It's a montage of Trump's most insane, racist, sexist, and authoritarian campaign statements and slurs.

Interestingly, the campaign appears to be uploading its videos exclusively to Facebook — possibly because of the fine-grained tracking the service affords its electronic outreach — and eschewing Youtube (the Youtube versions above were not uploaded by the campaign; I uploaded one and the other was uploaded by The Briefing).

(via Naked Capitalism)