Slumps: adorable art of your favorite characters all slumped over

Matt Ritchie makes "slumps" — whimsical artwork of popular characters slumped over as if falling asleep or theatrically dejected by their latest mishap.

Up top are the heroes of Star Wars, who have perhaps just learned that Disney has no plans to remaster the original theatrical release. Here's the Justice League, reading reviews of the movies they appear in.

justice league

Here's David Bowie, disappointed at the quality of cocaine in Heaven.


Here's Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck and a Cylon, finding out they're about to be rebooted again.


Here's Elfquest's Cutter, Leetah and Skywise, all out of dreamberry wine.

Elfquest Slump

Here's Link, Zelda and Ganondorf, asleep at a Nintendo press event.


Here's The Revenant's Hugh Glass, upon learning that there's no chapstick at Fort Kiowa.

revenant slump

And here's Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer, upon learning that the market price of death has itself slumped due to a surplus of cheap imported death.

frazetta death dealer

Matt's a well-known bay area artist; Pesco wrote about him in 2012 (more). He tweets at onethirtysix, where you can keep an eye on his many other projects, too. His instagram feed has some great work-in-progress shots.

You can buy an enamel pin by him at Two Ghouls Press.