Texas police tell little girl she is in "big trouble" for buying school meal with $2 bill

Alert administrators at a Houston, Texas, public school called police when a 13-year-old student tried to use a $2 bill to buy chicken nuggets from the cafeteria. An officer went to the school office where the girl was being held, scaring the hell out of her and calling her grandmother with dire warnings about federal counterfeiting crimes being committed.

Bill in hand, the officer went to the store that gave the $2 bill to the girl's grandmother and questioned them, then went to a bank with the bill, where he was told that $2 bills are legal tender. The officer never apologized to the girl, who missed her lunch that day.

That's right: the 13-year-old didn't even receive an apology from the authority figures, even though she was ultimately denied lunch that day, according to her grandmother. Grandma also had this to say: "It was very outrageous for them to do it. There was no need for police involvement. They're charging kids like they're adults now."