Why are birds attacking people in Vancouver?

Seems the animal uprising continues on the North American continent! Vancouver humans are under attack by aggressive crows. Jim O'Leary, an instructor at Langara College, has developed an interactive map of the attacks, but as yet offers no explanation for the aggressive birds.

Via the CBC website:

"You could go out on the street and you could see the crows, literally, coming and hitting people on the head."

O'Leary hopes his map will reveal some patterns in where crows attack. For instance, it is already showing that a large number of the attacks happen in the West End and downtown of Vancouver, which makes sense, he says, because crows love to be around human food, and those areas have lots of restaurants and leafy trees.

The map has already gotten about 300 attacks recorded in it, and O'Leary wants to see more.

O'Leary, however, hasn't added to any of that data, because he hasn't been attacked himself.

"I'm careful, and I have a little umbrella that I put behind me," he said.

(Thanks, Russell Smalley!)