Kickstarting Renfest: sitcom about Ren Faires with MST3K and Freaks & Geeks alums

Len Peralta writes about a Kickstarter for Renfest: "a new episodic comedy series starring Mary Jo Pehl and Trace Beaulieu of MST3K fame and Dave 'Gruber' Allen from Freaks & Geeks. They are trying to make enough to finish the pilot and hopefully create a full season."

They're looking to raise $365K. $25 gets you an early online video release; $50 gets you a DVD.

RenFest explores the "office" politics of a bawdy Renaissance festival that has the unfortunate experience of colliding with Elisabeth Crönk—the clueless yet tirelessly optimistic and politically correct historian hired to manage it—and AK, her Somali-American assistant.

For the players—all the accountants and dental hygienists cum gallant lords and maidens—the festival is already everything it should be. But for Elisabeth, the festival is a chance to give children an historically authentic educational experience, and that doesn't include storm troopers or faeries.

Politics and battles of profound import and little consequence ensue. RenFest is a thoroughly entertaining workplace satire that will have you snorting your turkey leg as it skewers today's complex social issues ripped from the headlines and writ ridiculously small.

RenFest [Team Renfest/Kickstarter]

(Thanks, Len!)