92 Minutes of Shanghai Disneyland and pirates, too!

Shanghai Disneyland, opening on June 16, is now in "soft opening," with castmembers, families, and invited guests allowed in while they slowly open the rides and get everything working properly.

The first video is a 92-minute piece shot by one such guest, and shows a lot of amazing things at the new park, including many complete ride-throughs of the major attractions. (His camera isn't up to the low lighting of the all new version of Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and someone else took care of that—look at the second video.)

And here's The Pirates of the Caribbean

This iteration of the Pirates ride is totally new, and is the first time that Walt Disney Imagineering has fully embraced the type of ride-building that Universal Studios has used so successfully on their Spiderman, Transformers, and particularly the two Harry Potter rides. In case you're curious, you are in a ride vehicle that's moving along a track (whether it's on land or in water), watching physical sets and Audio-Animatronic figures that are fully integrated with hi-def filmed segments shown on screens both large and enormous. The show building must be enormous. Yo-ho—can't wait to ride this one.

Via Disney and More