How to bake a Pie-Ger: the HR Giger Pie

"HR Pieger" Recipe by Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (aka @ThePieous)

- 3 apples, thinly sliced
- 1 cup apple sauce
- tsp cinnamon
- dash nutmeg
- 2 packages of Pillsbury Pie Crust
- 2 egg whites
- flour

- 8" pie pan
- large flat plate
- sharp knife
- toothpick
- assorted fondant sculpting tools (optional)
- image editing software
- printer


1. Find a photo of your favourite HR Giger painting online and trace the basic contours in a drawing program.

2. Print and cut out the basic contour shapes.

3. Wrap a large plate with cling wrap and sprinkle with flour. Unroll one of the prefab pie crusts, place on the plate and trace the outline of your pie plate.

4. On a separate floured work surface, unroll another prefab pie dough layer. Place the paper shapes on top and trace around them carefully with a sharp knife.

5. Fill a small container with egg white. Using this as glue, assemble the basic shapes as per your reference picture.

6. Here is where a bit of artistic license comes in… Using the remaining dough, your tools/fingers, and egg white “glue”, smooth the elements together and add additional details as per your reference photo.

7. Sprinkle the finished pie top with flour, add another layer of cling wrap and put in the fridge.

8. Preheat the oven to 400

9. Unroll your bottom pie crust, poke vent holes with a fork, cover with an egg white wash, fill with thinly sliced apples, and top off with a mixture of apple sauce and spices until surface level.

10. Remove the pie top from the fridge. While still on the cling wrap, carefully place on top of the pie.

11. Have you ever seen a magician pull a table cloth out from a table and leave all the dishes standing? Do your best impression of that now!

12. Pop it in the oven for 45 minutes or until filling bubbling and top golden brown. Enjoy the delicious darkness!