The mind-blowing neuroscience of hacking your dreams

Moran Cerf, a pen-testing bank-robber turned horribly misunderstood neuroscientist (previously, previously) gets to do consensual, cutting-edge science on the exposed brains of people with epilepsy while they're having brain surgery.

In this delightful and mind-blowing TED talk, Cerf delves into where his research has taken him in the realm of the neuroscience of dreams, and how his work may let us hack our dreams in the future, from being able to determine what someone is dreaming about to being able to change their dreams.

What if we could peek inside our brains and see our dreams — or even shape them? Studying memory-specific brain cells, neuroscientist (and ex-hacker) Moran Cerf found that our sleeping brains retain some of the content we encounter when we're awake and that our dreams can influence our waking actions. Where could this lead us? "Neuroscientists are now giving us a new tool to control our dreams," Cerf says, "a new canvas that flickers to life when we fall asleep."

Moran Cerf: This scientist can hack your dreams

(Thanks, Moran!)