Kickstarting the third Oh Joy Sex Toy anthology

Following on the hugely successful publications of books one and two, Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan have launched a crowdfunding campaign for a third volume, collecting the excellent sex advice, erotica, and reviews from their brilliant webcomic.

Book three will be 320 pages long, a 10" x 7" full-color softcover with high-quality paper and French flaps; $30 gets you the book and a PDF ($10 for just the PDF). There are also Kickstarter bundles that come with all three books, either as print artefacts, or digital, or both. Of course, any crowdfunding campaign comes with the caveat that there's no guarantee you'll get anything, but Oh Joy Sex Toy has done this twice already, and very well, too, and now they're working with Oni Press to distribute the books to stores, giving them even more institutional capability — this is as close to a sure thing as a crowdfunding campaign gets (I backed it — I wanted to get the exclusive Kickstarter cover for book three).

Even with Limerence Press taking care of the bookshops, we still need your help to pay for and make our own exclusive, limited-edition copies (with a unique cover just for our backers). These are the books we sell to you directly, online, at conventions and book signings. These are the books we'll pay for out of pocket. These are the books that'll get us paid and keep us making more great comics for you!

By backing us here, you're ensuring we get this book MADE and that you'll be the first people out there to get a hold of the book, limited edition cover and all.

Oh Joy Sex Toy: Volume 3
[Erika Moen/Kickstarter]