Check out the Perpetual Motion Steampunk Ball, Riverside, CA this June 11th

The folks behind Riverside's Dickens Festival are putting on a steampunk ball!

If you are in the area, and so inclined, tickets are $33. The Paper Moon portrait you can take home, by one of my favorite photographers, Star Foreman, is worth the price alone!

Dancing is on a WOODEN DANCE FLOOR!

Every ticket holder get's a commemorative Paper Moon photo by Star Foreman in the photo lounge (7pm-9pm)

Strap on your cephalopod, fire up your dirigible, and steam your way to the Riverside Dickens Festival's first annual Steampunk Ball.

With free soda, crunchy snacks, and table games galore, you can while away the evening on our Airship Patio or just kick back with your pipe, your cigar, your favorite vape, or your papelate in our Steam-and-Smoke Engine Room.

The uniquely steampunk musical program will intoxicate you, as will our cohost bar featuring three wines, six beers, mixed drinks. (No outside alcohol is allowed.)

This is NOT your standard Victorian ball. This is a specially designed event featuring unusual period dances and actual steampunk-themed music. Our specially constructed, nine-piece steampunk orchestra will serenade you with forgotten 19th Century masterspieces. Gallop to Gottschalk, whirl to Strauss's Perpetual Motion, and step lively to the march that Wagner wrote for the 1876
American Centennial. Your heart will race to Acceleration Waltz and the Pirate Waltz will shiver your timbers.

Come early for instruction and rediscover the lost world of extinct dance forms like the minuet, the fandango, the cakewalk, and the tarantella.

Dance, dream, play, chat, or just sit and listen until the Time Portal closes at 11:11:11 POST MERIDIAN.

Bring your imagination and leave your inhibitions at home, because you have never been to a steampunk ball like this one.

The gateway to Victorian adventure swings open precisely at 6:54:32 PM.
Dancing begins at 8:08 PM.

Tickets—a mere $33.33 each—are available at

Don't miss out on the RDF Steampunk Ball, June 11, 2016, at the
historic American Legion Post 79, 2979 Dexter Drive, in Riverside's beautiful Fairmount Park.