129 of Gandhi's speeches on India and self-rule

Rogue archivist Carl Malamud writes, "From May 11, 1947 until January 29, 1948, Gandhi gave a speech after prayer meetings 129 times. It was a narrative of his life and of the times. All India Radio broadcast his talks to the nation, and everybody stopped to hear what the Mahatma had to say. On January 30, Gandhiji didn't make it to the microphone. "

I've mashed up the 129 speeches with the English translations or reports from the Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi and added photographs and posted the materials on the Internet Archive so you can walk through the last 9 months of his amazing life.

On January 30, it was not Gandhi who spoke on All India Radio, but Pandit Nehru who told the nation the light has gone out of our lives.

I'm going to continue to continue to gather and post materials in the Hind Swaraj collection I've been building on the Internet Archive. If you'd like some photos of Gandhi, I've also extracted the frontpieces from some of the Collected Works and posted them as 7,000 by 11,000 pixel files. Many thanks to Sri Sam Pitroda for his help and inspiration and to the Gandhi Heritage Portal, All India Radio, the Publications Division, the Films Division, the Navajivan Trust, Ahmedabad and all the others for doing such a good job keeping making this historical record available.

Hind Swaraj
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