Angry dudes are downranking woman-oriented TV shows on review sites

Sex in the City's IMDB ranking is 7.0, slightly below average -- but among women, it scores a hefty 8.1. Why is its overall score so low? Because men have given it an average rating of 5.8.

Not just Sex in the City. A deep dive into the gender split among rankers on IMDB by Five Thirty-Eight's Walt Hickey shows that men's low ranking of women-oriented TV shows has turned the whole genre into a downranked ghetto in the bottom tier of the leaderboards.

Needless to say, there isn't an equivalent cohort of women who are going around and downranking shows aimed at male audiences.

For a show with the IMDb average gender breakdown of 30 percent women and 70 percent men, men rated the show 0.5 points lower than women did, on average. When a show’s raters split evenly by gender, 50-50, men rated the program a full 1 point lower than women did.

We can also drill down and look at the percentage of IMDb users who assigned a 1 rating to programs, the lowest score. Among shows with at least 10,000 ratings (566 programs of our overall set of 2,514), men and women gave out 1s at about the same rate: 2.8 percent of male votes were a 1, while 2.1 percent of female votes were a 1. So one gender is not particularly more negative than the other.

But that’s for all shows with more than 10,000 votes. When you look at shows that have at least 10,000 ratings and raters who skewed male or female, a different picture emerges. Of the top 100 shows that skewed male, 3.3 percent of female votes were 1 out of 10. But of the top 100 shows that skewed female, 6.7 percent of male votes were 1 out of 10. That’s a pretty huge difference.

Men Are Sabotaging The Online Reviews Of TV Shows Aimed At Women
[Walt Hickey/Five Thirty-Eight]