Make: "Pie Another Day," a no-bake James Bond Oreo pie

"Pie Another Day": James Bond No-Bake Oreo Pie Recipe by Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (aka @ThePieous) (more geeky pie goodness)


– 20 Oreos

– 1/4 cup butter

– small brick of cream cheese

– half litre of whipping cream

– 3/4 cup icing sugar

– small package of chocolate melts


– 8" pie pan

– mixing bowl

– hand blender

– mixing spoon

– something to smash Oreos with

– fondue pot and small candle, OR muffin tin and small candle

– toothpick

– wax/parchment paper

– printer + masking tape

Note: Because this is a "no-bake pie" you don't have to worry about exact measurements and fancy chemical reactions – feel free to add a bit more or less of any ingredient to suit your taste!


1. The first step is the most fun… Smash those Oreos! I placed 20 Oreos in a mixing bowl and used a potato masher to to pulverize, but you could use a pestle or a tenderizing mallet (or your fists if you are in that sort of mood.) Don't remove the Oreo middles! They will help the crust mixture stick together later.

2. Once your Oreos are a course sand-like consistency, stir in 1/4 cup of melted butter. Mix thoroughly.

3. Spread the butter/Oreo mixture inside your 8" pie pan and set aside. If you find you don't have quite enough coverage or you want a thicker crust, just smash some more Oreos in there.

4. Filling time! Blend your icing sugar and whipping cream in your mixing bowl (go ahead and use the same bowl you smashed the Oreos in – why make more washing for yourself?) I placed some cling wrap over my mixing bowl so I didn't get splattered, but feel free to live dangerously.

5. Cut small pieces of the cream cheese block into the whip cream bowl and continue to blend until all the lumps are gone.

6. Spread the filling on top of the Oreo crust and swoop your mixing spoon around until the surface looks respectable. Most of this will be covered up by the chocolate topping anyway, so don't get too anal about it. When you are done, pop the whole pie in the fridge.

7. Now for the top design… Find a silhouette image you like online and print it out *reversed*. If you have an image editing program you can place the image in an 8" circle mask before you print, but if not, just draw a circle around it as a guide after you've printed.

8. If you have a little fondue pot, fill it up with melting chocolates and light 'er up. If you are like me and such things are foreign oddities, securely, prop up a muffin tin lined with tin foil about 4" above a tea light candle on a coaster.

DISCLAIMER: we are not responsible if you burn your house down. Practice tea light common sense!

9. While the chocolate is melting (this should take about five minutes) tape your printout to the table, then tape a sheet of wax or parchment paper overtop.

10. Once the chocolate is melty, use a toothpick as a paintbrush to trace the contours of your printout on the wax paper. Make sure the layer of chocolate is thick enough not to see any paper through.

11. When you are finished filling in the shapes with chocolate, blow out your candle, then carefully un-tape the wax paper and place it in the fridge for five minutes.

12. After five minutes, remove the pie and chocolate sheet from the fridge. If your chocolate painting is thick enough, it should easily pop off the wax paper and you can place the pieces *reversed* on top of your pie. You must move quickly here as the chocolate will get soft the more it is handled outside of the fridge. When you are finished, put the pie back in the fridge until ready to serve, or if you prefer more of an icecream texture you can put in the freezer for an hour before serving.

13. Done! All ready to think of your best James Bond pie pun and impress your friends with delicious Oreo cheesecake awesomeness… (Live and Let Pie, The Pie who Loved Me, Pie Fall… )