Second Life's Trump army lays siege to Bernie Sanders's virtual HQ with swastika cannons

Bernie Sanders's fans in the venerable virtual world Second Life have established a HQ, "a Roman-themed hangout space in a peaceful meadow, where Bernie supporters often gather to share news of their favorite candidate," but their peace was shattered when Second Life's Donald Trump supporters laid siege to the building, firing virtual guns whose rounds exploded into swastika flags at Sanders central.

Then a Trump supporter bought the lot of land adjacent to Sanders HQ and erected a giant statue of Der Drumpf, whose head launches continuous fireworks displays.

"There is a picture I managed to capture of one of the flags spewing from a particle dispenser at HQ, left there by one of Trump's supporters when no one was around," Sanders support group member Macaria Wind tells me, handing over an image file of a Trump swastika.

But that was only the start. During a Bernie rally in Second Life, Mr. Wind goes on, Trump-supporting demons flew around Bernie's rally, endlessly typing "TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!" into text chat.

"Pages and pages of TRUMP! LOL," Wind tells me. "[O]ne has to laugh at the childishness displayed by some of his supporters. In my opinion, they mimic their candidate. I must add though, what is not a laughing matter are the racial slurs and bigotry witnessed by one group member who visited Trump HQ when there were actually people there."

Bernie Sanders' Second Life Headquarters Besieged by Trump-Supporting Swastikas
[Wagner James Au/Motherboard]

(via Clive Thompson)

(Image: SLer Macaria Wind.)