Last chance to snag the award-winning Scrivener 2 writing app

Writing is usually a solitary pursuit, but that doesn't mean you can't benefit from some aids. Here's your last chance to get the ultra-popular writing productivity aid Scrivener 2 at a big discount, as well as a comprehensive "ninja level" Scrivener training course to supplement your writing efforts.

Scrivener 2

MSRP: Windows – $40, Mac – $45 | Today: Windows – $20, Mac – $22.50 (50% off)

Time to try the next generation of word processing with Scrivener 2, now as low as $20 in the Boing Boing Store.

Scrivener offers project management tools that Word never dreamed of, letting you storyboard your thoughts, gather notes, track revisions, and more — all while you're writing. Focus on one section or the whole document…Scrivener 2 lets you dictate the workflow that works best for you.

At over 50% off for either Mac or Windows, elevate your writing projects with Scrivener 2 at this last chance price.

Learn Scrivener Fast – Ninja Level Course

MSRP: $297 | Today: $89 (70% off)

While Scrivener 2 is very user-intuitive, a little extra training never hurt either. And this Learn Scrivener Fast – Ninja Level course ($89) is a lot of training, everything you'll need to max out Scrivener 2's potential.

You'll receive tools, templates outlines and 100 videos, all focused on expanding your Scrivener skills. Whether it's understanding Scrivener navigation, using Project Notes or cutting down on distractions with the Multiple Composition Mode, this top-to-bottom course will help you truly understand the scope of Scrivener's power.

At only $89, this course will instantly elevate your writing – a small price to pay for writing mastery.