Meet the sons of an American defector to North Korea

Ted and James Dresnok were born in Pyongyang, North Korea. Their father is James Joseph Dresnok, who defected there in 1962 when he was an American GI stationed in South Korea.

From The Washington Post:

And they've just appeared in an extraordinary video published online by Minjok Tongshin, a pro-Pyongyang news service based in the United States that runs the kind of stories that wouldn't look out of place in North Korea's official media.

"I want to advise the U.S. to drop its hostile policy against North Korea. They've done enough wrong and now it's time for them to wake up from their delusions," said Ted Dresnok, 36, who goes by the Korean name Hong Sun Chol. He was wearing a navy blue suit with a red Kim badge on it.

His younger brother, James, or Hong Chol, was wearing a North Korean army uniform and said he held a rank equivalent to a captain in the U.S. Army. His comments also sounded like they came out of the propaganda department.

"The American Imperialists caused the division of the Korean peninsula," James said.

The Washington Post has a translation of the interview. Here's a snip:

Ted: My precious dream is to become a Workers' Party member and pay back my gratitude to my general [Kim Jong Un]. I want to stand in a unified country by my general.

James: My lifelong dream is similar to my brother's. I want to serve my mother country with my life and bring about the unification of the Koreas so the world will see the superiority of Kim's Korea.

My dream is to have those crazy straws!