"Pickup artist" douche uses copyright to sue Youtube critics, fans raise $100K defense fund

Ewan McGee writes, "Creators of the YouTube channel H3H3 productions are being sued by the creator of the YouTube channel MattHossZone for showing/talking about one of his 'pick up' videos. YouTuber Philip DeFranco talks about the story in his YouTube show, sets up a GoFundMe page for the creators of H3H3 to help them with their legal fees, and donations come pouring in, including support from well-known names like Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach, Markus "Notch" Persson and others. In just 12 hours over 3,000 people have already donated more than $95,000 in total."

I don't know what state H3H3 is being sued in, but if they're lucky enough to be in one of the "anti-SLAPP" states where there's a law to protect critics from threats intended to silence critical speech, they will likely be able to dispense with the litigation quickly. It's hard to imagine a more open-and-shut case of SLAPP threats.

Update: Thanks to Ken White for reminding me that anti-SLAPP doesn't apply in federal copyright suits.

The class acts that Ethan and Hila are, they did not ask for viewers to support their defense fund with money, but this situation is bigger than them. If they are bullied and drained of funds because of this ridiculous lawsuit and/or they lose this case it could set a terrible precedent for other creators. Now it's H3H3 productions, but tomorrow it's you and your favorite creators being scared into keeping their mouths shut.

They have estimated that defending this to the end could cost them around $100,000(USD), even if they win. Let's start out with a small goal as any little bit helps. I'll get the ball rolling with a $5,000(USD) donation.

Help for H3H3
[Philip DeFranco/Gofundme]