Scott Walker, saddled with $1.2m debt from failed presidential bid, pawns his own donors

Wisconsin Governor and balanced-budget hawk Scott Walker's failed bid for the GOP presidential candidacy left him with $1.2 million in debt.

To pay it off, he's renting out the names of the people who trusted and believed in him to a broker that sells them to other campaigns.

Walker's other bids to pay his debts haven't been very successful. Last month, he tried to sell his old campaign tees for $45 each, noting that his campaign was in such disarray that it couldn't honor size or color requests, suggesting that the shirts were not intended to be worn, but rather for "crafty projects."

The bulk of those payments have been made possible by income from Granite Lists, a New Hampshire-based company that rents out Republican donor lists. Granite Lists has paid more than $172,000 to Walker's campaign since it ended in September.

In April alone, Granite Lists brought the campaign nearly $50,000, comprising most of the total $70,930 the campaign brought in that month.

Walker rents out donor list to pay campaign debt
[Bryna Godar/AP]