Texas man so stoned he mistakes dog bite for gun shot, calls the cops

So this happened: a Texas man, relaxing in a trailer park with his marijuana, was bit by a dog. Shocked, and believing the bite was a gun shot wound, he called the cops. Raucous hilarity ensued.

The Houston Chronicle shares the few details available.

Small town police departments have it easy most of the time. There's almost never a high-speed chase, a deadly triple shooting, or a huge drug bust. Speeding tickets and the random drunk driving arrest bring the most excitement.

But the beauty of small town police departments like the one in Groesbeck — just east of Waco — is the level of homegrown weird that they get to encounter on a daily basis.

Take for instance this week a stoner whose dog got spooked by thunder and bit him in the buttocks, leading to the man thinking he had been shot by a firearm.

The event shook him so much that he called the Groesbeck Police Department.