To do in Austin: Privacy Settings: A Promethean Tale on stage (and streaming!)

Jon writes, "Austin, Texas theater maven Heather Barfield energizes the discussion of personal privacy with her highly interactive play 'Privacy Settings: A Promethean Tale,' running through June 18 at the Vortex Theatre in Austin (and streaming June 10)."

"The play is described as 'a surveillance fun-house,' an 'ensemble-devised interpretation of the Ancient Greek play Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus and based loosely on the actions and punishments of contemporary whistle-blowers, advocates for digital privacy rights and perversions of American civil liberties.' The play's an innovative way to explore the 21st century tensions between privacy and security in a world where every person is also a dynamic data object."

Privacy Settings: A Promethean Tale
[Vortex Theater]

(Thanks, Jonl!)