The amazing, shitty robots of Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz's oeuvre of "shitty robots" doesn't end with her marvellous slap-in-the-face alarm clock: her Youtube channel is full of examples of her work, each better than the last, from arms on her phone that let it commando-crawl along the sidewalk to the world's greatest hair-washing bot and the world's most alarming chopping bot.

Though her channel also has many delightful videos in which Giertz explains her philosophy and techniques, this brief documentary offers a good overview of how and why a non-engineer came to be such a prolific creator of shitty robots.

Giertz is a consummate physical comedian and a self-taught bot-maker, and it's such a winning combination that I urge you to mark out a couple of hours to just watch every video she's ever made. If Rube Goldberg were alive today, he would be a she, and she would be Simone Giertz.