Anti-Vax fraud still showing his movie in the US

After being shamed out of the Tribeca Film Festival, Anti-Vax hoaxer Andrew Wakefield continues to spread his lies. Someone in Kansas City thought giving time to Vaxxed, his conspiracy flick, was a good idea.

Via The Kansas City Star:

The anti-vaccination documentary "Vaxxed" was set to be part of this spring's Tribeca Film Festival in New York. But then the festival and one of the film's defenders, actor Robert De Niro, came under fire and pulled the film.

Now Kansas City area audiences will have a chance to see the controversial film for themselves…

…Wakefield is the British gastroenterologist who claimed to link autism to the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella. (De Niro has an autistic child.) Since then, his research has been called "an elaborate fraud," and Wakefield's medical license was revoked.