Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony Awards sonnet for the Orlando shooting victims

Last night Lin-Manuel Miranda won the Tony for Best Original Score for the astounding Hamilton, and his acceptance speech beautifully honored the dead in the Orlando gay nightclub shooting.

I defy you to watch it and remain dry-eyed.

Carole King introduced the nominees, which included Sara Bareilles for the musical Waitress and Andrew Lloyd Webber for School of Rock. Miranda, who previously won the award in 2008 for In the Heights, joked about how we wouldn't freestyle his speech because he's "too old" but instead recited his sonnet, which began with an ode to his wife. His stirring speech then morphed into a tribute to the victims of the Florida tragedy that left 50 dead. "When senseless acts of tragedy reminds us that nothing here is promised. Not one day," he said, referring to the ethos of his musical's lead character. In tears, Miranda left the stage while holding on to King.

See Lin-Manuel Miranda's Stirring Tribute to Orlando Victims
[Brittany Spanos/Rolling Stone]