Young Journalist contest: win admission to the HOPE hacker conference

This summer, NYC's Pennsylvania Hotel will once again fill with joyous hackers as 2600 Magazine celebrates the 11th Hackers on Planet Earth conference (HOPE): I'm giving a keynote, and if you're a student or young journalist, you can win admission to the conference by writing an article about subjects of interest to the event.

First prize also includes a sit-down interview with me.

This year, The Eleventh HOPE conference is announcing a contest intended to inspire students and potential journalists to learn more about the world of hacking. For the month of June 2016, we challenge students who are interested in technology and journalism to write an article about the HOPE conference and publish it online. There are a wide range of topics the article can cover, from general technology issues discussed over the years, to a specific talk that inspired you. We've provided a few links at the end of this announcement to help you get started.

To enter, after you have written an article about the HOPE conference, send the link to where it has been published, along with your name, school, and intended or college major, to Bonus points for publishing in your school paper, or in one of the many tech publications that accepts contributor posts.