Kickstarting a pair of goth cookbooks featuring drawings of Morrissey and Nick Cave

Elly from Microcosm Publishing writes, "Artist Automne Zingg started drawing pictures of Nick Cave gorging on comfort foods and Morrissey hoarding treats a few years ago to get over a breakup and it turned into an obsession. We got rockstar chef Joshua Ploeg to write lyrics-inspired vegan recipes to go with the books, and the result is… magic."

"Delicious, sad, hilarious magic."

Microcosm's earlier kickstarters have all delivered, making this one a very safe bet. $25 gets you two hardcovers.

These books are sturdy hardcovers without dustjackets (the industry term is "paper over board"). They'll hold up to a lot of sad tears, exuberant tears, and kitchen spills. We're Kickstarting them for two reasons:

1) The world needs to know.

2) We're committed to printing in the US. Most color books are printed more cheaply in China and then priced artificially low for consumers—so we are raising funds in order to pay for the printing without risking our building and staff, and to keep the price manageable for you, the reader.

By backing this project, you help us make an awesome book (and keep making more in the future!), you support manufacturing in the US midwest, and you get to never stop laughing. Win!

Defensive Eating w/Morrissey & Comfort Eating w/Nick Cave [Microscosm Publishing/Kickstarter]