Archival video of original Hamilton cast will be made before Lin-Manuel Miranda moves on

Lin-Manuel Miranda's final performance in his amazing, blockbuster musical Hamilton will come on July 9 (he'll be replaced by his alternate, Javier Muñoz), but before then, he'll allow a video-crew in to make an archival recording.

Miranda had previously argued that the show was intended for the stage and would have to be adapted before recording, but has relented enough to allow this recording for posterity, though there is no plan to release it. He tweetedWhat are we doing with that footage?
No idea.
Throwing it in a vault at Gringotts for a bit probly. But we're getting it."

Though Miranda has warned that a Hollywood version of Hamilton is still probably decades away, the fact that there will be footage of the stage production out there is a comfort to anyone who doesn't have tens of thousands of dollars on hand to catch Miranda in the role before he departs. Miranda took the time to congratulate his alternate, the excellent Javier Muñoz, who will be taking over the role of Alexander Hamilton. Muñoz already performs the role twice a week and had previously replaced Miranda in In the Heights.

Hamilton Will Be Filmed Before Lin-Manuel Miranda's Departure; Javier Muñoz Will Officially Replace Him
[Marissa Martinelli/Slate]