Air Force tried harder, now says that giant database can be recovered

Last week, the Air Force announced that it had lost 12 years' worth of records of whistleblower reports, freedom of information requests, and corruption investigations because of unrecoverable database corruption that not even its contractor, Lockheed-Martin, could unsnarl.

Now, in a terse announcement, the Air Force says that it can recover those records, thanks to "aggressively leveraging all vendor and department capabilities," which is IT-ese for "we tried harder." Maybe they're just running strings on giant core-dumps?

"Hopefully, we'll be able to get this data recovered and there won't be a long-term impact, other than making sure we understand exactly what happened, how it happened and how we keep it from ever happening again," Welsh said.

Lockheed lost the data last month. Air Force leaders at the Pentagon were not told about the incident until June 6. The Air Force went public with the incident late last Friday.

Those Lost Investigation Files Have Been Found, Air Force Says
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