Debullshitifying the Brexit numbers

On the BBC's More or Less podcast (previously), Tim Harford and his team carefully unpick the numerical claims made by both sides in the UK/EU referendum debate.

This series of short programmes is illuminating, neutral, and admirable in its ability to deliver straightforward, evidence-based perspectives on an emotionally charged issue.

So far, the series has run four parts:

* The Cost of EU Membership (MP3)

* Immigration (MP3)

* Law (MP3)

* Regulation (MP3)

I frequently cite More or Less as the kind of public media that makes the country that pays for it a better place. By working with the Open University, Harford and co use current events to teach statistical literacy while simultaneously using statistics to illuminate current events, and manage to be witty, charming, and engrossing all the while.

Wherever you stand on the EU referendum, you owe it to yourself to listen to these short (<15m) programmes.

(Image: Union Jack and the european flag, Dave Kellam, CC-BY-SA)