Don't let the government hack your computer. Tell Congress to stop changes to #Rule41.

"The U.S. government wants to use an obscure procedure—amending a federal rule known as Rule 41— to radically expand their authority to hack," the EFF says. "The changes to Rule 41 would make it easier for them to break into our computers, take data, and engage in remote surveillance.

Rainey Reitman of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) tells Boing Boing,

EFF, Tor, and Freedom of the Press Foundation are running a campaign to raise awareness about pending changes to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. In short, this rule change will make it easier for law enforcement to get warrants to hack into computers and engage in remote surveillance (i.e. taking over a device and using it to surveil a target).

Senator Wyden has said this rule change will result in judges granting a single search warrant that can be used to remotely search thousands of computers, and that for the first time ever judges will be letting law enforcement hack into the devices of botnet victims.

It's all getting pushed through an obscure procedural process, not legislation, so if Congress does nothing it will automatically go into effect on December 1.

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