How it feels to be under DDoS attack

At this week's O'Reilly Velocity conference in Santa Clara, Artur Bergman, founder and CTO, told the story of how he got involved in starting a denial-of-service-resistant CDN — a personal story about helping his old company cope with a titanic DDoS attack that brought it and its upstream provider to their knees.

It's a fascinating look at the emotional dimension of a DDoS attack, and how this differs from other technical failures — when you're fighting vindictive humans instead of bugs or entropy, technical work takes on a whole different dimension.

When a DDoS attack occurs, organizations respond using existing mental models of operations—in effect treating it as an operational problem—not taking into account the emotional effects of the malicious nature of the attack for both the people in the line of fire and everyone else in the org. Artur Bergman explores how people react and why a DDoS attack is different than other challenges a company may face, proving that it isn't your fault and you're not alone.

DDoS Emotions [Artur Bergman/O'Reilly Velocity]

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