Australian educational contractor warns of wifi, vaccination danger to "gifted" kids' "extra neurological connections"

Wise Ones, an Australian "gifted" education programme offers students who test into it vaccination exemption forms, and advises them to avoid wifi, because they say that "gifted children" have "extra neurological connections" that make them vulnerable to "extra sensitivities to food or chemicals."

Pat Slattery, the founder of Wise Ones, defended her actions online in a post that has since been deleted, and then SMSed a followup to the press because she believes it is unsafe to speak on the phone for more than six minutes at a time.

She also believes her husband died of radiation poisoning and that moving into a caravan with no power and eating "anti-radiation herbs" saved her life. She also professes a belief that "gifted" people are sickened because of "neurological connections vibrating at alien frequency." She has written to the education minister to remove microwave radiation and wifi from school because she believes it is linked to leukemia and brain tumors. She says that smarter children have thinner skulls that make them more susceptible to microwaves.

Wise Ones is a private company that sells services to state schools in Australia.

In a post that has since been removed, she points to information that links vaccines to autism, and tells parents to email her to request a vaccination exemption form.

"I am willing to help educate online any children of vaccine refusers," she writes.

"I am concerned because we know how much more sensitive gifted children are due to their extra neurological connections. Giving them neurotoxins seems illogical."

The program purports to be working with 30 Victorian schools, which are listed on the website, while Ms Slattery flags that she is planning to expand the program to NSW and Queensland. Ms Slattery works with other teachers to deliver the program in schools.

Anti-vaccination advocate offering school program for gifted children
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