Chemtrail activists want Marriott hotels to remove wall art

It's bad enough that the reptilian power elite routinely release mind-numbing chemicals into the atmosphere in order to pacify Earth's domesticated primates. Now they're adding insult to injury by installing pro-chemtrail propaganda disguised as art on Mariott hotel room walls. It's an outrage, and activists who have thus far managed to evade the deleterious effects of the gas are doing something about it, in the form of a petition. I'm cheering them on from my lair in a secret deep underground military base.

From the petition:

Marriott's newly decorated "chemtrail rooms" promote chemtrails and geoengineering by making guests grow accustomed to the sight of chemtrails (as if this is a natural occurrence!) This is outrageous and they should not be promoting this government secret agenda. Please sign to boycott Marriott and raise awareness of the global issue of chemtrails. Whether intentional or unintentional, promotion by Marriott and corporate America will not be tolerated, or the public will hit where it hurts…in their wallets.