Ku Klux Klan sees Donald Trump as a sign things are going their way

With historic familial ties to the hate based organization, it is no wonder the Klan loves Trump. Klansmen across the nation see Trump's successes within the GOP electorate as a sign their message is getting across.

Via TPM:

KKK leader Brent Waller, imperial wizard of the United Dixie White Knights in Mississippi, said stopping immigration — not blocking minority rights — is the Klan's No. 1 issue today.

And other Klan leaders say Donald Trump's ascendancy in the GOP is a sign things are going their way.

"You know, we began 40 years ago saying we need to build a wall," Arkansas-based Klan leader Thomas Robb said.

Despite trying to rebrand itself, the Klan has not stepped away from burning crosses. As the sun set on a warm Saturday in April,Klan members gathered in a huge circle in a northwest Georgia field to set a cross and Nazi swastika afire.

"White power!" they chanted in unison.

"Death to the ungodly! Death to our enemies!"