Grandad builds miniature backyard Disneyland

Steve Dobbs grew up near the present-day site of Disneyland and was profoundly influenced by watching the park get built while he zipped by on his bike; today the reitred aerospace engineer has built a charming miniature Disney-inspired theme-park in his backyard in Fullerton, CA.

Dobbs's Dobbsland sports a 100' roller-coaster, a "Winnifred the Pooh" ride and a "Sleeping Princess" castle, as well as a cardboard Pirates of the Caribbean "ride," spinning teacups, a submarine ride and a "Cars" land.

He is the best grandfather on earth.

Dobbsland kept evolving over time and eventually he enlisted the help of his students at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona as backup reinforcements. Together they crafted the "Madderhorn Roller Coaster" out of PVC plastic pipe, which can go up to 12-miles-per-hour.

"It was done in May. He had a launch party," Lander said. "He had a guy certify it as a legit roller coaster."

There are also now working teacups that spin, an airplane learning station, a car land and a "Finding Nemo"-esque submarine.
"It's dark and he made thing glow inside," said a proud Lander.

Grandpa Builds Disneyland-Inspired Backyard Theme Park for His Grandkids
[Eliza Murphy/ABC]