33-year-old mother enrolled in high school as a 15-year-old

When Wendy Brown was 33 years old, she used her 15 year old daughter's identity and enrolled in high school as a sophomore. She tried and and was accepted on the cheerleading team. She was arrested two weeks later.

From Jeff Maysh's profile in The Atlantic:

Brown says her husband took her to the mall to buy school clothes. (She says he was in on it, even encouraging her plan, but the judge later said that her husband had "no idea.") She selected a fashionable Esprit shoulder bag. Then she flicked through racks of jeans and Levi's clothing in the junior section. She weighed 103 pounds and wore a petite size. Brown tried on a pair of Nike shoes, the brand she always bought her own children. But the real trick was the voice. "I just did that little valley girl thing, the California thing," Wendy says. In the coffee shop, she transforms her voice into an up-speaking teen's. It is disquieting.