Kickstarting a collection of "Decrypting Rita," a graphic novel about a lesbian robot with reality problems

Egypt Urnash (AKA Margaret Trauth) is kickstarting a third print collection of her webcomic Decrypting Rita (previously), "about a robot lady who's dragged outside of reality by her ex-boyfriend; she's got to pull herself together across four parallel worlds before a hive-mind can take over the entire planet. It's a slickly-drawn story that plays around with narrative in ways only comics can do; those four parallel worlds run beside each other on the page, twining around each other in various ways."

$10 gets you a PDF; $25 gets you a hardcopy and PDFs of all three volumes — or you can get the "omnibus" with all three print volumes' worth of comics, the complete run, between one set of covers. This is Urnash's third kickstarted collection and she fulfilled the others, suggesting this one is a safe buy.

Decrypting Rita, volume 3 and omnibus!
[Egypt Urnash/Kickstarter]