The Worrier's Guide to Life is a humorous antidote for all us panickers out there

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The Worrier's Guide to Life

by Gemma Correll

Andrews McMeel Publishing

2015, 112 pages, 6.5 x 8 x 0.4 inches (softcover)

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Are you an every-second second-guesser? Do pizza, sweatpants, and pugs sound like your perfect Friday night? Do you ever want to punch your brain in the face? Are you starting to feel anxious because I'm asking you so many questions? Find comfort in Gemma Correll's new collection of comic snapshots, The Worrier's Guide to Life.

You can easily slip this slender book into your bag and bring it along to all those anxiety-producing other-people-filled situations that seem to dominate life. When faced with an overly crowded waiting room full of obviously contagious people whose germs will surely turn your sinus infection into a face plague, hide your nose in this book! If you're forced to stomach a social gathering full of professional bloggers who couldn't possibly look that good or be that happy in real life but ohmygod they do and they are and you haven't showered in three days, steal away to a corner, flip open this book, and remember you're not alone! Correll offers sketches of an anxious life, as lived by everyone from fetuses to fairytale princesses, interspersed with snippets from her ongoing series of punny visual lists. These delightfully silly sets include "Urban Birthstones," featuring rings topped with a bit of styrofoam, a cigarette butt, or a balled-up passive-aggressive note, depending on your month, as well as "Pasta Shapes for the Depressed," "Sexy Halloween Costumes for the Ladyeez," and "Ye Olde Video Games."

You can get a daily fix of Gemma Correll's illustrated insights and anxieties via her various social media streams, but it's lovely to actually flip through her work in a real-life book rather than, or in addition to, reading it on a scrolling screen. The Worrier's Guide to Life also makes a fabulous gift for that perfect friend who never judges you for eating all the ice cream, texting her the conversations you have with your pet, or using Google like a magic eight ball. You know, the one who gets it.

– Marykate Smith Despres