Survey: Republicans don't like Game of Thrones

Research firm E-Score asked Democrats and Republicans about their favorite shows. Game of Thrones was #1 in the Democrat list, but it didn't appear in the top 10 on the Republican list.


Ethnically Diverse

On the Democrats' list, 3 of the top 10 shows: The Haves and the Have Nots on OWN, How to Get Away with Murder on ABC, and Empire on FOX all have a racially diverse cast and have powerful lead roles for women. This reflects the Democratic viewer who is also typically more diverse, with higher concentration of black and female supporters.

Good vs. Evil

Republicans enjoy clearer "good vs. evil" characters and storylines compared to the Democrats' favorites. Republicans prefer shows featuring superheroes like The Flash, Arrow and the super intelligent team on Scorpion. Two procedural programs such as NCIS and Blue Bloods also have the "good vs. evil" component, as well as skewing slightly older than some other programs in the list.

If you want to watch a show with a member of the opposing party, watch The Walking Dead. Everyone likes The Walking Dead.