New Orleans art recommendation: the Red Truck Gallery

Last night, my wife and I stumbled on the Red Truck Gallery on the edge of New Orleans' French Quarter, and today we're going back to buy some art, and admire the pieces we can't afford for a while longer.

I can't remember the last time I stepped into an art gallery where the work chimed more strongly with my sensibilities. There's lots to see and do in NOLA, but if you like the kind of art we feature on Boing Boing, this place is worth your while.

Green Chandelier, Adam Wallacavage

Cherry Gun, Scott Hove

Skin, Jason Borders

Fruit Gun, Scott Hove

Green Blue & Red Glass Skull
, Andres Basurto

Small Glass Skull, Andres Basurto

We Never Gonna Die
, Gabriel Shaffer

The High Priestess
, Gabriel Shaffer

Les Barons, Bryan Cunningham

Hoodoo Luv, Bryan Cunningham

Bryan Cunningham — hands down our favorite in the gallery — has a show called "Gonzeaux" coming up at the gallery, opening August 13:

Red Truck Gallery