Customer claims that a fake-urinating toy sexually assaulted her at a restaurant

Trouble at a a Tennessee restaurant. From The Independent:

Murfreesboro Police officers were dispatched to the Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse on a sexual assault complaint after a woman was sprayed with water by a toy that looks like a man peeing.

James Lassiter, the woman's husband, told police that the toy had a penis and that he and his wife were upset because the act was done in front of their four children. However, police on the scene found that the fake-pee spraying toy did not come with a penis.

"People are missing the point. This was a sexually-oriented toy meant for adults, in front of minor children," the Lassiters said in a statement. "We're not trying to make money off of this. If the toy was in a bar, it'd be a different situation, but this was in a family restaurant with 13 to 14-year-olds at the table. If people think it's so funny, why don't people go buy that toy and squirt a cop in the face with it and see what happens."

Police have not filed charges yet.

The video interview of the assault victim and her husband is a must-watch. Here are some screen grabs: