Hacker puppets explain how they find your passwords in non-technical ways

Gus the hacker puppeteer writes, "Last weekend was the Hackers On Planet Earth conference (where, ICYMI, Cory was the keynote address). I always come away from HOPE wishing there were easier ways to share what I learned there with friends and family. Fortunately, the Internet Society has been streaming and storing videos of HOPE talks for the past two conferences. (My own talk, on getting into the minds of everyday computer users, should be up there eventually.)"

"But in case your friends aren't going to stick around for a fifty-minute talk, The Media Show also released a shorter episode on how password cracking works during HOPE. We wanted to let people know it doesn't always involve 'leet hax — sometimes just simple social engineering. So you're invited to Erna's exclusive dance club, Studio 0x36, to learn about passwords the hard way from puppets Weena, Monster of the Week, a cat-in-the-middle attacker, and Ricky M. Stillborn, father of the Open Source Foundation!"