Learn Magic with Penn and Teller

Do you trust Penn & Teller?

Do you think that magic is just for kids?

Do you have an urge to learn a few simple magic tricks?

If you're thinking "Yes, no, yes" then the Penn & Teller Fool Everyone Magic Kit is just the thing you need to add a little pep to your step in the unbearably hot dog days of summer. Really … who the hell wants to go outside when it's 95 degrees? (Well, actually folks who live in Las Vegas like Penn & Teller do—go figure.)


You may have even seen P&T give away some of these magic kits on their TV show Penn & Teller Fool Us as prizes.

Here's what makes this magic kit good: it's filled with classic effects that can be performed by and for both young and old. Some, like the Ball Vase, are so simple that an intelligent 5-year-old can do them, while others, like the Penetration Frame, come from the repertoires of professional magicians of years past and will handily fool adults.


The Penn & Teller Fool Everyone Magic Kit has been produced for Penn & Teller by Royal Magic of Chicago (who actually does all of its plastic injection molding in its factory in the U.S.A.; it's actually possible to buy something that isn't made in China). Royal makes a wide variety of tricks, which enabled those whose photo adorns the box to actually pick the tricks to include in this set. And in addition to all the plastic props you see in the photograph there are sheets of cardboard punch-out magic tricks, all customized with artwork of P&T to further delight.

Teller — ex teacher of Latin! — edited the large instruction booklet, and the set also comes with a DVD to make learning simple. And if you take your time it truly is simple.

As a person who's been involved in the field of magic for many years, I'll tell you truthfully that this is a great way for anyone of any age to stick their tippy-toe through the door and get started in magic.

< p>Fool your friends—it's fun. Really. I swear.

Here's a video review of the set from TTP Toy Reviews.