Woman judge discovers that female arrestees are frequently denied pants, feminine hygiene products

When a woman who'd been arrested for failing to complete a diversion course stemming from a shoplifting charge was brought before Louisville, KY judge Amber Wolf with no pants on, the judge was horrified to learn that the arrestee had been held in custody for three days without a shower, without access to feminine hygiene products, and without pants.

The judge demanded that the woman be clothed, and also that an explanation be provided. She apologized profusely to the arrestee, and assured her that this was not usual in the system's jails. Then the woman informed the judge — to her mounting horror — that there were many other women in the same situation at the jail.

The explanation from corrections facility spokesperson Steve Durham is that inmates do not receive uniforms upon immediate arrival, particularly not within the first 72 hours. But Deputy Director Dwayne Clark, who brought her a jumpsuit during the hearing, told the judge that "dressed as she was," she should have been given something more to wear.

Neither had any excuse for the denial of feminine hygiene products, though, and Durham told WDRB he would look into it.

The woman had been arrested for not completing a diversion course that was part of her sentencing from a shoplifting charge. After this ordeal, Wolf released her with time served and a $100 fine.

Judge Apologizes To Woman Who Was Denied Pants In Jail
[Sabrina Rojas Weiss/Refinery 29]