Landscape painting on the cut surface of a treestump

This bucolic scene is a work of art that anyone can attempt—so long as they have an unrooted treestump close to hand and the brilliant skills of Alison Moritsugu. [via r/Art]

Moritsugu's new work continues her exploration of human interaction with the natural world and with a changing environment. Her works focus on how seemingly small changes in this relationship can have potentially larger implications in the future. The exhibition includes paintings, works on paper, sculpture and wallpapers. The theme in Moritsugu's current work can be seen as a cautionary tale for our times, confronting how we objectify nature as tourists, commodify the land for its resources, and adversely control and shape the environment to suit our needs. Moritsugu skillfully weaves together art historical tropes with present day environmental concerns to examine our past and present relationship with the land.

The Virginal Spring:


The Approaching Storm: