The Vlogbrothers guide to voting in every state in the union

In a series of easily digested, 2-minute videos, Vlogbrothers Hank and John Green explain how to vote — from registration to voter ID laws to absentee ballots to casting your vote.

It's a massive public service.

The main thing that makes gerrymandering work is low voter turnout — all the models about how to make a seat safe are predicated on the idea that many people won't vote. The thing that makes lawmakers complacent about failing to represent their constituents is low turnout.

I don't get a vote (I'm Canadian and British, though I live in California), but you might. Please, vote: not just for you, but for the millions of us in the USA whose lives will be determined by the outcome in this election even though we don't get a vote — and for the billions around the world whose lives will also be influenced by the election.

We've been working on this one for months! So excited that it's out! This might sound dumb, but I think one of the reasons some people don't vote in the US is because it's a bit of a pain to figure it out. For those people, regardless of your age, I can totally see that it can be complicated. And hey, let's be honest, in some places they're making it complicated in the hopes that young people will stay home.

If this election seems especially intense or pressing to you, let me stress that every election is important.

How to Vote in Every State