Beautiful Women With Beastly Companions

Our pals at Baby Tattoo are kickstarting this fantastic collection by Olivia De Bernardinis and creature creator Jordu Schell!


I absolutely love the work that Bob and the team at Baby Tattoo have been putting out. This collection by famed pin-up artist De Bernardinis looks amazing!

This from the KS page:

3D Spread3
When Bob Self of Baby Tattoo Books decided to throw an art exhibition/party this upcoming Halloween at the Oceanside Museum of Art, he figured he'd invite some of the world's most impossibly sexy women and a bunch of beautifully grotesque monsters. For those who cannot attend the glamorous/grotesque soiree in person, Bob is offering a lovely/hideous art book to commemorate the occasion.

Beauties Beasts showcases a visually stunning assortment of pinup legend Olivia De Berardini's noteworthy paintings (including many of the famous images created over the years she was a regular contributor to the classic, old-fashioned, okay-with-artistic-nudity, Playboy magazine) and Jordu Schell's eye-stabbing creature creations that elevate schlock and shock-value aesthetics to a level that unquestionably achieves fine-art status.

According to Bob, "This is a project in search of an amped-up mob of creativity-loving enthusiasts who want to rally around culturally questionable, gender-specific ideas about radically glamorized women and profoundly demonized men. Big publishers underserve the type of hungry audience that is ready to gobble up a lovingly mixed concoction of pinup culture and Hollywood-inspired monster lore, but an independent publisher like Baby Tattoo can deliver the goods through the mad science of Kickstarter. It's alive!