British judge sentences racist "cunt" to 18 months in jail

When racist thug John Hennigan called Judge Patricia Lynch QC a "bit of a cunt" during his sentencing for the latest in a long string of convictions, she had the perfect response: "You are a bit of a cunt yourself."

Added the judge: "Being offensive to me doesn't help."

And it didn't help, with Hennigan going down for 18 months for the ninth breach of his antisocial behavior order in eleven years.

"Go fuck yourself," he reportedly responded.

Justice Lynch: "You too."

Though his latest escapade seems relatively minor—a bit of public racial abuse directed at a young mother in a country where such things are illegal—it seems Hennigan had finally run out of gimmes.

He had been hauled before an Old Bailey judge in October 2012 for making Nazi salutes at a pub in Bishopsgate in the City of London.

Hennigan claimed he had only been raising his arm to collect his change after paying for a drink, but was convicted of breaching an Asbo after a trial.

Hennigan, from Harlow, Essex, has dozens of previous convictions for offences including drug and firearm possession and common assault. He faced a court for breaching his Asbo in 2010, when he launched racist abuse at a newsagent before attacking him with a display of sweets.

Sadly, someone filed a complaint and Lynch is being investigated over her remarks: unlike our rambunctious American courts, such salty language just isn't cricket in the mother country.