Perv sat behind Trump while he blasted Clinton for shooter's dad at rally

Trump's buffoonery is so outrageous, you just couldn't make this stuff up. He may have topped himself in last night's performance at his rally in Sunrise, Florida, when he went on about how horrible it was that Hillary Clinton allowed the Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen's father to sit behind her at one of her rallies this last week.

"When you get those seats, you sort of know the campaign, so when she [Hillary Clinton] said, 'Well we didn't know'…They knew!" Trump shouted. "Wasn't it terrible when the father of the animal that killed the wonderful people in Orlando was sitting with a big smile on his face?" Trump turned to the people behind him. "How many of you people know me? A lot of you know me!"

And here is the punchline. Disgraced animal ex-congressman Mark Foley was sitting right behind Trump at his rally, and even raised his hand to say that yes, he knows Trump. Mark Foley was a republican congressman from 1995-2006, but had to resign after he was caught sending explicitly sexual emails and instant messages to teenage boys. He and Trump have been chums since 1987.

So I guess it's okay to have a disgraced politician who personally knows you sit right behind you at a rally, at least if you're Donald Trump.