Thief unwittingly steals 16 bottles of oil extracted from weasels' anal glands

A New Zealand thief spotted box of chemicals in a parked car. Probably thinking the chemicals were drugs of some kind, the thief smashed the window and took the box. The box contained 16 small bottles of pungent oil extracted from the anal glands of stoats, which was intended for experimental lures.

From NZ Herald:

The thieves could get more than they bargained for: just a few drops of scent glands in their car or home would stink for weeks.

"We popped a gland in our lab a couple of years ago during research.

"We had fans running and windows open in the middle of a Wellington winter, and it still took weeks to go. Some staff chose to work from home for a couple of days."

The oil was so potent it was in the process of being moved off-site for storage.